Will India qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

The fan following of FiFa World Cup in india is increasing by leaps and bounds. Tired from supporting foreign countries, many football enthusiasts question india’s chances of making through to the next World Cup. The anxiety exanggerates, when people watch debutants like iceland holding a leading football giant, Argetina, to a 1-1 draw. Let’s discuss what indian Football team needs to go through to brace up in first ever winter FIFA World Cup at Qatar in 2022.

The Background

There are a total 47 members of AFC including india. FIFA, the international governing body has reserved 4.5 places for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). This means that 4 top teams in AFC World Cup. qualification will go through to the Fifa World cup. The fifth team has to play an inter confederations playoffs (home and away). Qatar is the host for the FIFA World Cup 2022, So it will be granted direct entry to mega football event.

The Qualification Process

Total Teams to take part in the AFC Qualification for fifa world cup are 46 ( excluding qatar). These teams wil be arrange in ascending order of their respective FIFA rankings. India Currently sits at 14th place in AFC ( with overall FIFA ranking of 97).

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