Will Argentina win the 2022 World Cup

It is very hard to say but I do think Argentina have had their best chance of winning since 2014. I know that sounds obvious but they are the best they have ever been. Many among the Argentine national team are not superstars but they all give everything and play like a team.

Of course, that is not to say they don’t have any talent, they have Messi, Dybala and Di Maria but they have also got players like De Paul who are willing to give everything for the team. It has become some sort of a meme on the internet of De Paul always protecting Messi but he does on a consistent basis. It is clear that Argentina has had a great run of form but the past year. However, winning the World Cup is a difficult thing. Do I think they have a chance? most definitely, they are such a well-run team.

I can’t say whether they will win the World Cup because anything can happen but I think they will do well in the tournament. I think apart from our own countries we would like to see an Argentina vs Portugal final.

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