Who will win the 2022 world cup?

Who will win the 2022 world cup?

The favorites are generally the same year after year. Here the teams everyone will be talking about

France– Fresh off the win, still so young and talented. Recent history shows defending winners fall quite short of defending thecup though.

Who will win the 2022 world cup?

Germany – will be interesting to see how they recover from the fiasco of 2018 and the racism accusations frkom mesut Oezil

Who will win the 2022 world cup?

Belgium– they were so close

england – Young and exiting generation and they won a penalty shoutout. Their youth squads look great!

Brazil – They will always be contenders, no matter how”weak” the squad is percived to be . Brazil at their weakest is still much stronger than most of the world at their strongest.

Croatia– great team, but lots of corruption and infighting,. they came all the way to the final. can they survive anotehr run? weaker but will definitelty stir up the conversation

Argetnina – depending what level messi is at then. they will still be a force

Denmark – Looked great, But were unlucky

Sweden – can they take it to the next level?

Mexico – Mexican fans thing they are going to win every year. Can they get past the Round of 16 this time?

Uruguay – tiny but always strong

Russia – no steroids from home, no problem?

Nigeria – too stong and too big be ignored

Egypt– is Salah still going to play at this level? “what if he wasn’t ijured in 2018”?

Iceland – what’s next?

Japan – They are always so underrated but never give up without a fight

Chile, Italy, Netherlands, Ghana, Even the US– cannot afford to miss this world cup!

Qatar– do they even put up a fight? are they going to import players?

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