Who will be the manager of Argentina in the World Cup 2022?

If Scaloni wins one of Copa America 2019 or 2020,he will surely take the team to the World Cup.He is the perfect guy to manage this young and transitioning Argentine team.

Lionel Scaloni is right now doing the right thing with young lads.We all know how corrupt AFA is,every Albiceleste fan is suffering due to AFA.This is a transitional period where when Senior players retire,the team has to produce some new talents in order to fill their void.One of the advantages why Scaloni can succeed are as follows:

  • He is 40 years old and is young as a coach so he understands the youth.
  • He can develop these players under him,Young Argentines are really good.
  • He has tremendous pressure but still its good to be old school.
  • AFA doesnt provide much facilities but Scaloni is doing everything great.
  • Pablo Aimar is his assistant whom Leo Messi considers as his idol so we can get Messi back.

If Leo Messi and co comes back to NT then Scaloni will have these players.

Senior players:Messi,Aguero,Icardi,Di Maria,Correa,Acuna,Rojo,Otamendi,Romero,Armani etc also Banega

Young players:Dybala,Pavon,Lo Celso,Paredes,Palazios,Saravia,Tagliafico,Gazanigga,Foyth etc

This is what you call as Squad power.I think this team is more than capable of winning Copa consecutively.

This time there is no looking back.Scaloni and Messi have to prove their haters wrong(Maradona and many Argentina haters).They do so much for their country but still they are bashed in their own countrymen.Although Brazil,Chile are tough but we never die.

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