Who Does Rosaline End Up With In Romeo & Juliet’s Story?

Rosaline follows the romantic pursuits of a side character from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, leaving viewers to wonder what happens to her and who she ends up with in the original story. Shakespeare’s tragedy play labels Rosaline as Romeo’s former object of devotion. Though typically unseen in the play and its adaptations, she still impacts the plot by inadvertently pushing Romeo toward eventually meeting and falling in love with Juliet, her cousin. In Rosaline, the character eventually moves on from Romeo and ends up with her suitor, Dario, part of the happy ending that changes events from Romeo and Juliet.

Within the text of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Rosaline does not end up with anybody – certainly not Romeo, despite the strong connection between the two that drives the passionate hero into melancholy. The ending of Rosaline sees the characters heading in separate ways after the title character has spent the movie chasing Romeo. Yet she finds another lover in Dario. In the play, Romeo reveals that Rosaline renounced love and vowed to lead a life of chastity. That original text never gave her the avenue to reciprocate and freely express her emotions, romantic or otherwise, and while her fate beyond the story is unknown, the implication is that she remained alone.

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