How did the now-viral Britt Barbie song start?

Now that she’s uploaded a full version of “Period Ahh Period Uhh” separate from TikTok

After her original video gained popularity. Britt Barbie posted a TikTok of her repeating the phrase and adding a slightly different, “Period Uhh”, alternating between the two.

Fan impressions on Baby Tate’s duet are that she killed it, and her rendition of Britt Barbie’s song is good enough to warrant doing a full version.

John Doe

Britt Barbie posted a TikTok where she finished each explanation with the expression "Time frame Ahh", and it took off for her.

This isn’t Britt Barbie’s first taste of viral fame, however. Earlier this year, she went viral on TikTok for claiming she didn’t know that hair grew from the top of her scalp.

TikToker Britt Barbie posted some bars from her song Period Ahh, Period Uhh on TikTok, which was then used in a duet by rapper Baby Tate.

While Baby Tate’s bars may have been a one off duet, fans are dying for a full-length rendition of the song from this rapper.