Y. Patel, the owner of GB Convenience Store & Deli, said that ahead of a Mega Millions drawing a couple of months ago, people were spending $40 to $50 on tickets. This week, though, Powerball sales have been about the same as normal, he said, noting that he had sold only two tickets as of Friday afternoon.

his first Powerball ticket for the Saturday drawing after he heard that someone in Brooklyn had recently won a few million dollars in the lottery. A $1 million dollar ticket was sold at a Brooklyn deli last month, and in June, someone in Brooklyn won a $128 million Mega Millions jackpot.

Mr. Smith, who works at Lene’s, which is owned by his family, said he would not stay up on Saturday night to watch the drawing and would just wait until Sunday morning. Even if his numbers matched the winning numbers, he said, “I’m not going to believe it until the day I’m able to get some real money.”