The ‘GTA 6’ Hacker Is Just 17-Years-Old And Is In Police Custody

The ‘GTA 6’ Hacker Is Just 17-Years-Old And Is In Police Custody

Following a huge Terrific Robbery Auto 6 release that saw Rockstar Games put out an announcement, the programmer engaged with transferring recordings of the unreleased game has supposedly been captured by police in the Unified Realm. As per reports, the suspect is only 17 years of age and is likewise the thought guilty party in a new Uber hack. Right now, the youngster’s personality has not been uncovered.

U.K. police have arrested a 17-year-old hacker in connection to the massive Grand Theft Auto 6 leak

In their explanation that was delivered on Monday, Rockstar Games affirmed the hole was the consequence of a “network interruption” organized by “an unapproved outsider.” The assertion likewise showed that while the studio is a mistake, “work on the following Fantastic Burglary Auto game will go on according to plan and we stay as committed as could be expected to convey an encounter to you that genuinely surpasses your assumptions.

Maybe most strikingly, to the help of gamers, Rockstar showed that the hack wouldn’t bring about the arrival of Fabulous Robbery Auto 6 being deferred.

“As of now, we expect no disturbance to your live game administrations nor any drawn out impact on the improvement of our continuous tasks,” the assertion peruses to some extent.

Rockstar Games, publishers of iconic titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, and Red Dead Redemption, are perhaps more equipped than any other gaming studio to handle this sort of security breach (GTA VI alone is sold 170 million units, making it the second highest-selling video game of all time behind Minecraft).

Unfortunately, though, despite it now being over nine years since Grand Theft Auto V was released, Grand Theft Auto VI does not have an official release date.

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