keno ohio lottery

Keno originated in around 200 BC as a way to help fund the Great Wall of China. It has since expanded far beyond China and is available in many countries. Today, you can even play keno online at the industry’s top mobile casinos.

Ohio lottery officials said a $1 million winning ticket was sold by Par-Mar on State Route 7 in Newport, and another was sold by Norwalk Mickey Mart on Milan Avenue in Norwalk.

Lottery officials said each ticket holder used the Ohio Lottery’s auto-pick feature to choose their winning numbers, matching five of five numbers without the Powerball. The winners were one number short of winning the jackpot prize.

Winners of all Ohio Lottery draw games have 180 days to make their claim.

Wednesday’s Powerball drawing is worth $1.2 billion, the fourth largest in the game’s history, with the cash option of $596.7 million being the

If you’re the lucky winner who hears their numbers get pulled Wednesday night, you’ll be given two options: A lump sum of your winnings or 30 annual payments over 29 years.

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