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YouTuber and social media influencer Jenny 69 has become the topic of discussion online after she released her latest song titled ‘La 69.’ The unpopular video holds more dislikes than likes on YouTube but has still bagged over 2.8 million views. Following the release, Twitter could not stop dissing the track and many netizens also shared that they cannot put up with the song.

The official music video of La 69 was uploaded to the Lumbre Music group’s YouTube page. Since the video went online, the singer has received more backlash than support.

Who is Jenny69?

Jennifer Ruiz aka Jenny 69 is a Mexican-American social media influencer who hails from Riverside, CA. Aside from her fashion content online, she gained internet stardom after going through a range of plastic surgeries.

Jenny 69 has accumulated a large social media following, amassing over 1.03 subscribers on YouTube and over 2 million followers on Instagram. She gained popularity online for her beauty and fashion content, but her fame online appears to have taken a backseat following the release of the unpopular song.



On Wednesday (January 25, 2023), Jenny 69 took to her Instagram Stories to reveal she had a “near death” experience. The internet personality said the experience left her “genuinely traumatized.”

The musician and Instagram star said she had been hospitalized for the past three days but didn’t reveal the reason.

“I honestly can’t wrap my head around what happened to me and I don’t feel well even talking about what happened,” the influencer wrote on her Instagram Stories.

“I’m so thankful to be alive, you don’t even understand,” she continued. “I literally saw death and it was so scary. I’m genuinely traumatized.”

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