iShowSpeed Net Worth $ ?, Who is Youtube Subscribers, AGE

Who is iShowSpeed ?


Darren Watkins ( Nickname iShowSpeed) is an American Teenage Youtube who has acquired great popularity in such a short period.

In His early life, speed’s Birth January 21,2005. As mentioned before, iShowspeed’s real name is Darren, but he didn’t reveal that until his content started to take off.

Little is known about Speed’s personal life. Darren began working delivering food and in a nursing home prior to starting his Youtube career.

Although Darred is currently in his sophomore year of high school, he has mentioned that he won’t attend college.

It is quite known that iShowSpeed (age 17), Darren, Worked in multiple places, he now produces Content full time for his social media channels

iShowSpeed Earning


iShowSpeed started uploading YouTube videos and making quality streams back in 2020.

Since it’s clear that Darren has rather polemic personality, he doesn’t openly participate in YouTube Sponsoships.

He makes money mainly through this YouTube account, where he already has over 8 millions subscribers.

YouTube Live Streams


Speed produces streams related to gaming content. He became popular after a stream he made playing with Talking Ben, an app similar to Talking tom.

He plays several computer games, so there are no limits to the video games he plays on his channel.

Speed mentioned that he makes between $75 and $200 per streams through donations only.

His large following often asks him to play different games depending on the context.

He cannot stream on Twitch bcoz back in 2021, he was invited to Adin Ross’ live dating show.

After being rejected, he started throwing insults at one lady. Then the purple platform decided to permanently ban him from it.

Youtube ad Revenue

As of now, Speed’s Largest source of income is ad revenue through videos.

He uploaded his first video in 2017, but it wasn’t until 2020 that he started to take off.

Plenty of his content consists of unique videos recorded when playing various games, so he has played Fortnite, Call of Duty, FiFA, and so on.

In 2021, he started earning more than 2,000 subscribers weekly. He began making videos of NBA 2K, but as of now, his online community has evolved differently.

It is estimated that YouTube ad revenue on his only YouTube channel is $147,00 Per Month.

This is clearly more than $1,000,000 per year, but it depends on the video games content and frequency of uploads.

iShowSpeed Music Videos

The most viewed videos on his YouTbue channels are music videos.

iShowSpeed Music Videos

The Most Viewed Videos on His Youtube Channels are music videos.

Speed has released multiple songs, mostly related to”internal jokes” inside his live strems.

“Shake,’ his most viewed video, has almost 100millin views as of 2022. His Motehr’s reaction to THis Vide was’nt best.

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