How do I make money online through mobile with zero rupees investment?

How do I make money online through mobile with zero rupees investment?

There are many ways to earn money online, If you do work properly.


YouTube is a great platform for making money online just you have to make your original content in your niche.

You can monetize your YouTube videos through AdSense

Do you think you can entertain someone? Are you good with jokes? Do you like doing pranks on friends? Do you like to cook and share your recipes?

Then YouTube is the platform for you to share your skills and get famous. One of the easiest online jobs without investment, YouTube is increasingly being used by brands to advertise their products. Therefore, if you are proud of your skills, it’s your time to show them to the large audience available.


How do I make money online through mobile with zero rupees investment?

You earn money from instagram, Yes Now Instagram launch new feature instagram bonus, How its work

just upload original reels content and if your luck is good then, Congratulation!

Affiliate Marketing

Social Media has become a high income grosser for many brands. With users even over 50+ years joining in to stay on top of world events, brands are increasingly looking at the space to spread their word. And for that, they are providing online jobs without investment to people that can help them reach their target audience.

And spreading their word is not a tough task, one can even do this as part-time online work without investment while doing some other job. All you need is a social media account and a couple of your friends to get the ball rolling. The more word you spread about the brand, and the more sales it garners from your word, the better are your returns.

If there is more information you would want over what affiliate marketing is and how a beginner can start this online work without investment,

Be a Content Writer

In the digital age, content is king. And companies need content on a daily basis. If you think you are good at writing you can therefore, register yourself on websites that offer these online work without investment, like Internshala.

At Internshala, after uploading your resume, and selecting your preference as a content writer, you will be shown the many companies that offer free online jobs without investment. The required content ranges from topics like writing about brands, writing articles on brewing topics, or even just correcting existing articles.

Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the most famous online jobs without investment from home. Anyone can become a blogger. All you need is a topic of interest, be it films, music, makeup, food. You can similarly,  narrate stories of your life, or use the blog as a diary.

This is another one of the free online jobs without investment for students, that offers you to shine your skills of writing. However, to get the most out of this online work without investment, it would be good if you spend some time mastering the skills of Search Engine Optimization. SEO allows your blog to be more visible to the users that search for the content you write.

Some of the best places to do these online jobs without investment are:

  1. WordPress
  2. Weebly
  3. Medium
  4. Blogger
  5. Tumblr

Join the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Though Amazon has been called the ‘Apni Dukan’, there are still some people who are resisting to buy online or have not heard of Amazon.

Thus, joining the Amazon affiliate marketing program is a great example of online jobs from home without investment. College students, especially, can use this online job without investment to spread work about a particular product within their campus. The more people that buy the product using the link you provide, the more money you get.

Even others, like stay at home mothers, can see this as a great online work without investment and can benefit from this program as they can leverage their social circle to extensively market the company as well as its products.

Translation Online Jobs without investment

Becoming a translator are one of the best online jobs in India. There are many companies who outsource these type of jobs on a low wage. You can apply for such kind of jobs for earning money at home. There are companies that have work profile for translation of certain texts, letters, mails or subtitles. Companies offers wages on basis of translation per word. But if they like your work, they might also re hire you for when they need you again. Hence if your multilingual skills are more useful than you think they are. Opting for different languages in school and college might pay you now, sitting at home.

Beware of Possible Scams

Be aware of the possible scam artists. As there are hundreds of websites that might make you work for long hours, but won’t pay you enough. They might be sites you would take advantage of your work skills but won’t pay you at all. Those are websites that you should look for. Before starting working for those websites or companies you should look through the extra information and comments about it. Thus these best online jobs in India do not require any registration fees.

For example, you can read about it from the websites that provide reviews of various companies. You can also read the entire contract that they make you sign before joining. You can look through the kind of work they provide. If you doubt anything illegitimate, do not work with that kind of company. Because they are there just to loot us. And we want you to work with companies with a good work environment. So that you can also grow. Therefore your development is very important to us.

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts to this whole article are that is you should always utilize your time and be more productive. These were the 20 online jobs without investment. It is not hard to make some extra side money sitting at home. Even if you are working in a company you can do all these jobs on the side. These jobs are time-friendly to housewives, people working part-time, full time, or students. Some extra money never hurts in time of the pandemic. We need to be more responsive as the economy is not friendly to the workers. And as we know last year was so harsh on the people and 2021 isn’t going well as well.

With the growing popularity and easy accessibility of the internet earning money online has become very smooth. So why not take advantage of the best online jobs in India? Take advantage of opportunities that are present. These opportunities will only help you become better and in your development.

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