Aaron Judge Joins a Pinstriped-Only Party of Three Win

New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge pursues toward first hitting his 60th homer of the time, during the 10th inning of the group’s ball game against the Pittsburgh Privateers on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022, in New York

Aaron Judge went from 0 to 60 in 147 games.

As per ESPN, Judge is projected to hit 66 homers this season, which would set another club and American Association record. He’s additionally projected to have 141 RBI and 136 runs scored.

The New York Yankees slugger hit his MLB-leading 60th home run of the season in Tuesday’s 9-8 walk-off win over the Pittsburgh Pirates at Yankee Stadium.

Here is the rundown of Yankees’ single-season grand slam pioneers:

61: Roger Maris, 1961

60: Darling Ruth, 1927

60: Aaron Judge, 2022

59: Darling Ruth, 1921

54: Darling Ruth, 1920

54: Darling Ruth, 1928

54: Mickey Mantle, 1961

54: Alex Rodriguez, 2007

52: Mickey Mantle, 1956

52: Aaron Judge, 2017

Judge is the sixth player to hit at least 60 home runs in a single season.

73: Barry Bonds, 2001

70: Mark McGwire, 1998

66: Sammy Sosa, 1998

65: Mark McGwire, 1999

64: Sammy Sosa, 2001

63: Sammy Sosa, 1999

61: Roger Maris, 1961

60: Babe Ruth, 1927

60: Aaron Judge, 2022

As per Details, “Since RBI became official in 1920, just 4 players have driven the majors in every one of the 4 classes in a season: Darling Ruth (1921, 1923, 1926), Lou Gehrig (1931), Ted Williams (1942), Mickey Mantle (1956).”

Both Williams and Mantle won the Triple Crown in those seasons. Judge could join them this year. He leads the American League with a career-best .316 batting average, one point ahead of Boston Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts and two points ahead of Minnesota Twins first baseman Luis Arraez.

The last player to win the Triple Crown was Miguel Cabrera in 2012 (44 homers, 139 RBI, .330 batting normal).

Two Yankees have won the Triple Crown: Mickey Mantle in 1956 (52 homers, 130 RBI, .353 batting normal) and Lou Gehrig in 1934 (49 homers, 166 RBI, .363 batting normal).

Here’s additional on Judge’s heroics from Yankees PR:

  • His 60HR are the most by a Yankee and the third-most by any Significant Association player through his club’s initial 147 rounds of a season, following just Barry Bonds (64HR in 2001 with SFG) and Imprint McGwire (62HR in 1998 with STL).
  • Has 3HR in his last two games and 5HR in his last six games. His HR denoted his 30th grand slam at home this season, attached with Lou Gehrig (30HR in 1934) and Roger Maris (30HR in 1961) for the third-most by a Yankee at home in a solitary season in establishment history … trails his own 33HR at home in 2017 and Angel Ruth’s 32HR at home in 1921.
  • Drives the Majors with 60HR this season … no other player has more than 40HR … before this season, a player had not completed a schedule day with a 20HR lead since the last day of the 1928 season when Darling Ruth drove Jim Bottomley and Hack Wilson by 23HR (credit: Elias).
  • Has arrived at base no less than twice in a Significant Association driving 88 games this season … is the main Yankee starting around 2010 to record as many such games (he likewise kept 94 such games in 2017).

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