5 ways in which GTA 6 will improve the police, according to leaks grand theft auto vi

5 ways in which GTA 6 will improve the police, according to leaks grand theft auto vi

Rockstar Games are yet to share a single feature for the upcoming title. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from unearthing leaked content and finding possible gameplay elements.

GTA 6 is currently trending due to rumors of it being announced this month, especially during the ongoing UFO Sightseeing event in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Famous leaker @_Dyllie_ recently shared a list of possible features based on recent GTA 6 leaked footage. With that being said, let’s look at five ways in which the upcoming title can improve the police system.

In Grand Theft Auto 5, the cops can be seen arriving just a few seconds after players commit a crime in the game. Although it isn’t bad, it seems that the upcoming title will improve upon this feature.

As per the leaks, it looks like there will be some time before the police arrive in GTA 6. This might significantly improve the scope of freedom players will have while carrying out robberies. They will have more time to escape, leading to more chase sequences than gun fights.

More detailed police behavior

As per the leaks, it seems they will react to crimes in a more detailed way by going a bit tactical. The information suggests that cops will surround stores if they get robbed instead of blindly stepping inside to stop the criminals.

We can also expect the police to ask the perpetrators to surrender before they enter the building, further enhancing the whole experience.

Cops have always been an integral part of the series since Grand Theft Auto 1. It looks like the next game in the series will be a huge leap forward regarding how the police will behave in a particular situation

CCTV cameras

As per the rumors, the upcoming title will have fully functioning CCTV cameras throughout the open world. This could mean that committing a crime in front of the cameras will alert the cops, but they won’t come to know about the issue if it happens in the middle of nowhere. It is also possible that players will see the protagonists possess hacking capabilities.Next on the list is the rumored addition of CCTV cameras in the open world of GTA 6. If this is true, then it will mark the first appearance of functional surveillance technology in the GTA universe.

Keep track of vehicle’s model and plate number

According to the rumors, the police will be able to remember players’ vehicle model numbers as well as number plates. This might force them to swap to a different vehicle while eluding the law. If this is believed to be true, it will be a huge leap forward in the legendary chases present in the series.Police chases in the series have always been fun and players have to either respray the vehicle or get out of sight to escape completely. With the next game, it seems that Rockstar has more in-depth chase sequences in mind.

Smarter police AI

The leak suggests that players will be given some time to surrender before being barraged with bullets. Police won’t start shooting right after someone commits a crimeGTA cops have always relied on shooting the guilty, especially players. In some cases, if fans get to a two-star wanted level, law enforcement will try to shoot them. However, based on the leaks, it seems like the police are going to be smarter this time around

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